New Duo Universal Prompt

As of Wednesday, July 27th the Duo prompt you see when logging in to Swarthmore services has been updated with the new Universal Prompt. Some options will be moving or changing and the Duo documentation has been updated to reflect all changes.

Our VPN client, Cisco AnyConnect, now requires 2 Factor Authentication through Duo. This will look and function a little differently for VPN than with our other services. Below are the instructions for how to complete your VPN login with Duo.

[Please note that if you have your VPN connection set up through the the native iOS settings, they will no longer continue to function once Duo is enabled for VPN. To continue to use our VPN service on iOS device please download the Cisco AnyConnect client from the App Store.The Cisco AnyConnect client is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. For assistance with downloading and installing the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client you can visit our VPN information page on the ITS website.  

Logging in to VPN with Duo

Swarthmore VPN initial login dialog window

After opening the VPN client and clicking Connect for, a second window will appear for you to enter your authentication information. There will be three text fields labeled Username (not your full email address), Password, and Duo Option where you will enter your information. The block of text immediately below will explain how you use the Duo Option field, in case you ever need a reminder. See the below screenshot of the window.

Note that the very first time you login to SwatVPN with Duo, the Duo Option field may be labelled as Second Password.  

Swarthmore VPN login dialog window showing username, password, and duo option.

Please note that the ‘push’ and ‘phone’ options will use the device you have listed as your default device. If you have more than one device and do not know which one is set as your default, or would like to change your default device but do not know how, you can visit our page on how to manage Duo’s settings and devices.  Also, the Cisco AnyConnect client currently does not provide a way to "Remember me" for subsequent logins.

For the ‘passcode’ option you can enter a numeric passcode generated from any of your devices - including previously texted passcodes.

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