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Adding and Managing Devices

After you have added your first device and authenticated you will be logged into your account. In order to add an additional device you must log out and log back in (or login using an Incognito/Private window). After you log in with your Swarthmore credentials, but before you authenticate with Duo you will see links on the left-hand side of the window that give you the option to add and manage devices. As a note, in order to complete the addition of another device you will have to authenticate using a device already active with Duo, so make sure it is available to you.

Why should I have more than 1 device registered?

With only one device registered to your account, you run the risk of being unable to complete your log in if that authentication device is not available to you at that time. By having multiple devices registered you can ensure that you will always have a device on hand to complete the Duo authentication process and access your account. This could be especially important if you are away from your office for a meeting, a workshop, or traveling and need to access your account. We recommend at least 2 devices, but you can add as many as you would like. You can also have multiple devices of the same type (e.g., having multiple landlines registered).

Duo Login - Devices.png

Remember Me

You can set Duo to remember you for 15 days. This allows you to authenticate once, and then not have to do so again (on that computer/device) when logging into your account for 15 days. This option is a check box located under your authentication options on the Duo screen when logging in. If you check this option and still get prompted with the Duo screen on your next login, you may have to change your browser settings to allow it to properly save your choice.

What if I clicked “Remember me for 15 days” but I am still being asked to authenticate?

This setting must be applied to each browser you use on each computer you use. If you choose this setting, but log in later with a different browser you will have to set it again for that browser during authentication. If you are certain you chose it to remember you on both the computer and the browser you are using, then it might be a setting on the browser that is not saving your choice. Click here for how to check your browser settings for “remember me”.

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