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Visual Reference Guide

Gmail Visual Ref.png

Organizing Your Gmail

See below for two links with information about Gmail, including information on email organization and filters.


Where do e-mail attachments go?

  • Normally, attachments will be contained within and stored with your e-mail message within Gmail.  They can be accessed without any extra steps.

  • Attachments larger than 25MB will be placed into your Google Drive space, and a link will be placed in your message to that location.

How do I attach files I want to send in an e-mail?

You have two choices in Gmail.  You can either attach a file directly to the message, or you can provide a link to the file in your Google Drive space.

Allow a Colleague to Read, Send, & Delete Email on Your Behalf

You can delegate another person to manage your Gmail account.  Google's Set Up Mail Delegation help page provides specific instructions.

Change the Subject of an Email

It is not possible to change the subject of an email after you send it out.

If is possible to change the subject of an email when you reply or forward the message.  

  • In the reply/forward email there is a small black arrow to the right of the "Reply/To" field

  • Click on that arrow to reveal options

  • Choose "Edit Subject"

  • Make your changes and send

Contacts & Creating Contact Groups

You can create a Contact Group in your GMail address book to help you save time and get organized. The link below details how:

Searching for Emails

Type the words you are looking for in the email search bar to find email.  It is often faster than looking through labels to find your mail.  

It is possible to do more advanced searches.  For example, to find all unread email in your inbox, you could type: in:INBOX is:UNREAD

Google list of search operators:  

Using the Advanced Search tool

Video loop showing how to open and use the Advanced Search feature in Gmail

Click to enlarge

Trash & Spam

General Information about deleting messages in Gmail

Email is permanently deleted 30 days from the day the message is put into the trash.  This time period can not be changed.  Trash and spam are on a continuous rolling basis of 30 days from the date the item is deleted or received as spam.


Quarantine summary reports are not available in Gmail.  Check your SPAM label and move it to the top of your Gmail labels on the left panel.

Managing Spam in Your Inbox

To help manage spam you may find it helpful to move the SPAM folder to the top of your gmail labels on the left panel (select, drag and drop).  

Note:  Quarantine summary reports are not available in Gmail.

If you find an email that is spam in your inbox, you can mark it as spam by:

  1. Opening Gmail.

  2. Selecting the message you'd like to label as spam.

  3. Clicking the spam button  in the toolbar above your emails.

  4. If you have the message open, you can also report it as spam by using the same  spam button:

Gmail’s spam detection technology learns from your input. The more you label an email as spam (or not spam), the more effective the Gmail spam filtering process becomes.

Moving the Trash and Spam label

If you have many labels, you may need to scroll down to see the Trash.  If you click on the "Trash" or "Spam" label and drag it to the region near the "Inbox" it should remain there.

Multiple Accounts

It is possible to log into multiple accounts in the same web browsing session.  View Google's help documentation.


Chrome Profiles

You can use Chrome profiles to keep different Google accounts separate.  By signing into Chrome, you can associate a browser window with a specific Google account.  This will keep your account information as well as browsing history and bookmarks separate.  See Google's help documentation for more information: 

Set up Email Clients & Mobile

If you will be using a mobile device with Google apps please make sure your OS is up to date and that you are connected to Eduroam


Vacation Responder & Email Forwarding

How do I set up an Vacation Responder (Away) Message?

Pull down the gear icon [Settings] to Settings. Scroll down in the General section. Under "Vacation responder" there is a check box for "Vacation responder on". When you check the box you are presented with a text box to compose your message as well as a first day to start sending the auto reply message.  Click Save Changes at the bottom of screen to confirm your changes.

How do I set up automatic email forwarding?

Pull down the gear icon [Settings] to Settings. Scroll down in the General section.  Under "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" there is a check box to "Forward a copy of incoming mail to".  Check the box and enter the address you want to forward mail to.  We recommend keeping the default of "Keep's mails copy in the Inbox".    A confirmation email will be sent to your forwarding email address.   You need to accept the forwarding from the confirmation email before it will begin.

Gmail Labels

Follow this link to learn about Labels and what you can do with them.

Departmental Shared Email

Follow this link to learn how to access departmental shared email addresses.

Email Merges with YAMM

Follow this link to learn how to create a mail merge with YAMM and Google Sheets.

“Send Mail As”

Another Google Account

Follow this link to learn how to “Send Mail As” another Google account.

Mailing Lists & Alias Accounts

Follow this link to learn how to “Send Mail As” a mailing list or alias account.