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  • How do I create a place to share student files in Moodle?
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The "Student Folder" activity is a place where students can upload files to share with the class.  Instructors have the option to approve files before being viewed by the class.  In addition, the "Student Folder" activity can be linked to a Moodle assignment and files imported from the assignment.  


Typical Uses

  • In a seminar for students to upload their seminar papers 
  • As part of an assignment, to allow instructors to first view the submitted files and then share them with the class



  • Enter the Moodle class and turn editing on
  • Add a "Student Folder" activity
  • Provide the name of the activity (e.g. Seminar Papers)
  • Mode: most people will select students upload documents, but select documents from an assignment if you want to import files from an existing Moodle assignment
  • If you are taking documents from an assignment, you will need to specify the assignment and whether you want to ask the students for permission before posting
  • Approved by Default: do you want to allow students to post files and have the visible to all students automatically or do you want to approve student uploads?
  • Set the times (or uncheck the times if you don't have a set start and end date)


Other Notes

  • The students will see only a list of students that have uploaded files (and not the complete class roster).  
  • If students need to modify their submission, they can click on the "Edit/upload files" button and add another file or click on an existing file and then the "delete" button.