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  • How do I restrict access to items to certain members of the course?
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There are many cases in which it is useful to restrict access to material in Moodle.  For example: sharing information with graders or keeping extra material hidden.


You can create groups of users (students, graders, TA's, etc) that can access the content.  If a student is not in the group, they won't be able to see the content.

  1. First, create a group containing the members of course that should have access to the item.
  2. Go to the Gear Icon (top right of page)  More  Users tab  Groups
  3. Create a new group and give it a descriptive name.  None of the other information is required.  Click the "Save changes" button.  
  4. You should now see your group in the groups listing.  Click on the group name, then on the "Add/remove users" button.  Find users to add and click the "Add" button to add them to the group.  When you have added the group members,  return to your course main page.
  5. Create or update the resource or activity you want to limit access to.
  6. Under "Restrict Access", add a new restriction
  7. Select "Group" and pick the group you want to have access to the item
  8. Click on the eyeball next to your group so that the item will be hidden totally from users not in that group 
  9. Save changes.  When you return to the course main page you will see an indication that the item is restricted