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  • What courses show up on the Moodle home page?
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ITS automatically imports all your courses using information from the Registrar's Office.  When you log into Moodle you will see all the courses available to you.  

Course Visibility and Sorting

Courses are organized into In Progress, Future, and Past based on the start and end dates of the course.  Within each section the courses are in alphabetical order.  

The Moodle course listing uses the start and end dates of the course to determine which tab to put the course in (In Progress, Future, or Past).  If the Start date is in the future, the course goes into Future.  If the end date is in the past, the course shows up in the past.  Otherwise, it is listed as a In Progress course. 

I can't see my course

If your course does not show up in the Moodle home page, check the future or past tabs in case the you are viewing the page before the official start date of the course or after the course has ended.  

If the course doesn't appear anywhere in Moodle, you may not be enrolled in the course.  Check in Faculty Services (for faculty) or MySwarthmore (for students) to make sure you are enrolled in the course.  

Students: If you are enrolled in the course, but it does not show up in your Moodle home page, most likely your professor has not made the course available to students.  They might not be using Moodle or they may be waiting to make the course available.  You can check with your professor.  

Alternate course listings

If the Moodle course overview page does not arrange your courses in a way that works for you, there are some alternate organizational possibilities.

Customize the Moodle Home Page with an HTML Block

It is possible to customize your Moodle home page.  Log into Moodle.  At the home page, click on "Customize this page".  On the bottom of the left menu click "Add a block" (click the button on the top left of the page if you don't see a left menu).  Select the "HTML" block.  Find the block entitled "(New HTML Block)" and use the icon with the four arrows to move the block above the course overview.  Click on the gear icon in the block to configure the block.  Provide a title (e.g. "My Courses") and enter or copy the names of your courses in your preferred order into the Content area.  Select the name of each course and use the link button (looks like a chain icon) to create an HTML link to your courses by entering the URL to each course in the appropriate link.

You can also add images, other text, and links to non-Moodle pages to further customize you home page.