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  • How do I upload multiple files or folders to my course?
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To upload multiple files, you can either create a folder and drag files to the folder or drag a zip file into the main course page and unzip the files.


To begin, navigate to your course and turn on the editing mode.

Create a folder

If you want to upload a bunch of files (but no sub-folders), follow the process below:

  • Turn on editing mode
  • From the bottom of a section click Add an activity or resource → Folder.  
  • Provide a title and then drag and drop files into the content area.  You can drag many files at once.  
  • Click save at the bottom of the page.


Upload a zip file

If you want to upload a set of files with sub-folders, you will need to create a zip file with your content.  

To create a zip file:

On a Mac: select the folder or set of files you would like to upload, go to the File menu and select "Compress Items".

Note: Macs may include a set of extra files titled .DS_Store and __MACOSX. These files don't contain any needed information and may safely be deleted. If you have a lot of extraneous files, you can use the ZipCleaner program to remove them from the zip file before you upload to Moodle.

On a PC: select folder or set of files you would like to upload, right click, and select "Send to Compressed (zipped) folder"

To upload your zip file and have Moodle convert it to a folder:

  • Turn on editing mode
  • Drag the zip file from your computer to the topic or week in Moodle
  • Moodle will ask if you want to extract the zip file into a folder.  Confirm this choice.
  • A new folder with your files will appear in the topic.