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  • How do I add or remove enrollments?
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Moodle automatically synchronizes course enrollments to Banner. To see a list of students in the class, click on the "Participants" link on the left menu.  If the left menu isn't visible, click the button at the top left of the page.

Adding Users

If you would like to add a student or colleague to the course, go to Gear Icon (top right of page) → More → Users tab → Enrolled Users.  Click on the "Enroll users" button add a new person to your course.


Make sure to select the appropriate role from the pop-up "Enroll Users" window. See "Types of Roles" below for a list of the available roles.

Search for the new user within the search box at the bottom of the page and click on the "Enroll" button next to their name to enroll them in the course.    You can search by last name, first name, or email address.  It is possible to add multiple users at the same time.  When done, click "Finish Enrolling Users" to complete the enrollment process.  You should see your new people added to the course. 

Limited duration enrollments

If you want to enroll someone shopping your course but have them automatically removed if they don't register for your course, use the enrollment duration setting when enrolling a user.  After you click on the "Enroll users" button to open the "Enroll Users" pop-up window, click on "Enrollment options" and set the duration of the enrollment for 2 weeks (or whatever value you would like).

If the student never officially enrolls in the course, he/she will be dropped after the enrollment duration expires.  

If the student registers for the course, they will be added via Banner and will remain enrolled after the enrollment duration expires.  

Removing Users

If you would like to remove a user from the course, go to Gear Icon (top right of page) → More → Users tab → Enrolled Users.  Click on the trash can icon on the far right of a user record.  

Modifying Users and Changing Roles

If you need to add or change the role of a manually-added user, go to Gear Icon (top right of page) → More → Users tab → Enrolled Users and click on the little "person with a plus symbol" at the far right side of the "Roles" column for the user you want to modify.  From here you can add a new role.  For example, if you didn't initially give a user a role when you enrolled them in the course, you could add the "student" role.  To remove a role, click on the trash can icon next to the name of the role.


Instructors have full control over manually enrolled users, but cannot modify enrollments made via Banner. To remove a student enrolled through Banner, the Registrar's Office must un-enroll the student from the course.


Types of Roles

  • Students automatically added from Banner are set to the "Registered Student" role
  • Manually added students should have the "Student" role
  • "Teacher" is the role for the main instructor(s) of the course
  • "Teaching Assistants" can do everything a Teacher can, except remove the teacher
  • "Course Builders" can edit the course materials but not see grades
  • "Graders" can enter and modify grades but not edit course materials
  • "Auditors" have the same permissions as students, but do not have a gradebook entry so can't participate in graded activities.
  • "Guest" is not useful to assign for courses – you can enable guest access but not assign a Swarthmore user guest access

Additional Notes

  • You cannot remove students enrolled via Banner. The student must be removed via the Registrar's Office.
  • If you manually add a student and they are later added from Banner, you don't have to remove their manual enrollment.  It is okay to be both a "Student" and "Registered Student"