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Can I hold my class in here?  Doesn’t the Registrar schedule this room?

If the room is available and your class will use the technology of the Media Center, then we'd like to welcome you to teach here.  The Registrar does NOT schedule the Media Center, you'll need to talk with Doug Willen ( to arrange a time.  Space is available on a first come, first serve basis. Any class using the Media Center must continue to allow walk-in access to unused computers, printers and the dub rack during class, since this is an open facility.

Do I have to let people in when I’m teaching here?

Yes, being an open facility is one of our primary guiding principles in the Media Center and one of the conditions to using the Media Center for your classes is that it must be maintained as an open resource for faculty, staff and students.

Do you have a paper cutter?

Yes, it’s usually stored against the wall at the front of the main room.  The big Epson printer has it’s own cutter for the sheets it prints.  It can be manually operated to trim problem edges from a roll of paper, if it was ripped or dirty prior to installation. 

How do I print from Photoshop? Illustrator? Power Point?

Please refer to the instruction sheets in the wall rack.

Why do documents that I print from a web browser appear only in black and white?

This is a good question! Download the document you are trying to print and proceed using Preview or Acrobat or another program of your choice.  It usually happens when you try to print directly from the browser.

I have permission from the art department to use photo paper. Can you charge the art department for my printer use?

There is no charge for printing in the media center. If you have permission from the art department, we can show you where their paper is stored.  You might need to consult with the Photography Instructor, or departmental AA, if there is none available in the Media Center.  There is no photo paper for non-art students, or students without explicit Art Department approval.

Can you charge the X department for my printer use?

There is no charge for printing in the Media Center. Is the project you wish to print for academic use? If so, we’re happy to help.  Other printing must be for an official College purpose, which means that one of the Deans (for student printing) or your department head has approved the printing of your poster. Multiple copies are not allowed in the Media Center.  If you need copies of a color print that are 11"x17” (Tabloid) or smaller, then you’ll need to take the job to Office Services in Parrish, or to an outside print shop for larger stuff.  For either solution, you’ll need to pay for all of the cost of the printing.