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Swarthmore has a video streaming service from Ensemble Video.  This services lets users upload video, which is converted to a streaming video format which can then be embedded into web sites.  Libraries in Ensemble can be created for departments, groups, and individual employees.


Go to and log in with your Swarthmore username and password.  After logging in, you should see your video library.


Add videos by clicking on the "+add" button on the top right.  Give the video a title (and any additional information you'd like to add), the click Continue and upload your video.  Wait until the video has completed upload and is processing and click Save & Continue.  You can then publish your video.  

It will take some time to convert your video to the streaming format.  Generally, the system converts video in real time, so if your video is 30 minutes, it will take about 30 minutes to convert the video.  If someone else has just uploaded lots of long videos, it may take up to a few hours to finish converting all the videos.

Sharing and Embedding

You can embed the video in a web page by going to the video library and clicking on the "<>" symbol in the video thumbnail, then copying the video embed code.  

To share a link to the video, click on the "chain" icon on the video thumbnail, copy the URL, and email.

Securing Private Videos

Documentation is available at Ensemble's website for Securing Individual Videos and Securing Entire Playlists