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Can I scan slides here?

Yes!  We have a number of scanners that will handle slides, including the medium format Nikon 9000 near the dub rack, and the large flatbed scanner attached to the iMac in the back corner.  Both have been set up with LaserSoft's Silverfast Ai software for professional level scan control.  Please ask for help!

How large a thing can I scan?

Our largest scanners will handle 12"x18" flat material.  If you need something larger scanned, please consult with the Friends Historical Library for book material, or Woody Frazier in facilities for large maps or other flat content.

Can you scan film/transparencies?

The large flatbed scanner at the back iMac can handle both film and transparencies up to 12x18".  The Nikon by the Dub rack will also handle film strips.

I have medium format negatives, can I scan those here?

Yes, both the Nikon 9000 and the big Epson scanner have the ability to scan medium format negatives.

Can I scan Microfiche here?

Sorry, no, you'll have to contact the libraries for help with Microfiche.

What about OCR

Adobe Acrobat performs fairly accurate Optical Character Recognition these days.  We no longer support separate OCR tools.  Whether your starting with a new scan, or working from an image file or PDF, Acrobat can perform the OCR for you.  It doesn't handle some languages that well, particularly if they don't use the standard alphabet.  Please ask for help, if you have questions.