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Why did someone log me off?  I had a video rendering.

Unless you are actively using a computer, you should expect to be logged out if you leave for an extended period.  If you need to let a video project render for any length of time, and you need a break, then please leave a note with your name, your cell phone number and an approximation of when you'll be back (be reasonable - if your render completes, we might need to go ahead and let someone else use the machine, if you take too long).

I’d like to reserve station 1 tomorrow at 9pm…

We operate on a first come, first serve basis.  When things are really crowded, we might maintain a queue list of those in the room waiting for a machine, but leaving for anything other than a bathroom break will take you off the queue.

What determines the software you have available?

Software is purchased to meet specific educational needs.  The faculty, in consultation with ITS, identify the best tools for their students.  For instance we had regular requests for CAD software.  Our Engineering faculty have standardized on Solidworks rather than AutoCAD, but we do now have AutoCAD available for community use in the Media Center!

Can I use the computers when it looks like a class is going on?

Yes!  As long as their is a free computer, you should be able to use it, so long as you're not disruptive to the class.  At the very least, you should check the back room, we have both a Windows and Macintosh system that will never be part of a class that's going on in the main room. 

How come I can't hear anything through the headphones?

You need to set the computer Audio output to "Line" rather than anything else.  Open the System Preferences from the Apple Menu, then Select Sound from the right side of the second row of Preference panes.  Next select "Output" and then set your sound output device to be Line Out.  This will let you use the headphones!

What if I want to listen to audio with a friend/collaborator? How can we both/all listen?

Each of the computers in the Media Center is equipped with a Rolls mini-amplifier that can split that audio output with either 4 or 8 headphone ports.  There are extra headphones in the brown "dub-rack" cabinet, or if there are none, please ask.  You have independent sound level controls for up to 4 different devices.