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How do I print single-sided?

On Macs, under the third drop-down menu from the top of the system print dialog box, you'll find an option labeled "Finishing." Select that option, and then choose "1-sided" under "Print Style." If you're printing from a web browser, you may need to click a link in the lower left corner of the print dialog box first. It is labeled "print using system dialog box..."

What should I do if the paper jams?

Try your best to remove the jam by following the illustrated instructions on the printer screen. If you don't force anything, you won't break it.

Can I use my own paper?

Not unless it's specifically designed for color laser printers.  Please bring the box for your proposed paper to Jeremy for evaluation well ahead of your need to print.  Please note, different types of paper frequently jam the printer so we're picky. We’re sorry...

Can I print passport photos?

Nope. Try CVS.  They can both print and take passport photos for you.

Why aren’t my 30 copies printing? (Where did my print job go?)

You are limited to one or two copies only. If you need more than two, you should head over to Office Services, where color documents can be printed for a fee (departmental chargebacks are available) It’s about 40 cents per page for 8.5x11 color copies.  Please don't tell us that your professor asked you to print something for a class in five minutes - that's not a valid reason...

What is the release station?

It is the Mac computer next to the 3D printer.  It allows us to make sure you’re really here before your job is printed, and gives you an opportunity to make sure everything is ready for your printout (the right paper and ink are loaded, etc.)

My professor said to print 25 copies for my class in 2 minutes…

Planning ahead is an essential life skill.  No more than 2 copies of anything, for anyone.

Can I make copies here?

Nope, that function has been disabled from the Canon.  You can use it as a sheet-feed scanner, however, and have the scans e-mailed to you.  There are a number of other scanners in the main room as well.

Why is it showing an error, don’t you have A4 paper?

We do not have A4 paper. Try canceling your job and resending it with a different paper size selected.  We have US Letter (8.5x11), Legal (8.5x14), and Tabloid (11x17) paper loaded and available in the Canon Color Laser printer.

Who has to approve me printing 100 copies of my flyer for my party saturday?

You should take that job to Office Services, or an external service (Like FedEx) and be prepared to pay for the copies.