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How do I get in after hours?

We are open from 1pm until 11pm Sunday 8:30am until 11pm Monday - Thursday, 8:30am - 7pm Friday, and 1pm until 5pm Saturday. If you need access beyond those hours, please have your professor e-mail a request to Michael Jones ( with the duration for which you’ll need access and the reason (class, independent project, etc.) Faculty and staff already have 24/7/365 access with their ID cards.  There is a swipe panel to the left of the doors. Testing while the Media Center is open doesn't work...  Check with Mike if you have questions or concerns.  One common student ID issue is using the wrong ID card, if you've replaced and then found your original card.  Only the latest card will work.  Faculty need to have a current ID card for this system to work for them.

Isn’t the building locked after 10pm?

Security is supposed to leave the back (accessible) door open at all times for both Art studio and Media Center student access.  If it’s not open, please call security to let you in.  Expect them to ask for ID.  Please let us know if you run into this problem.