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Our VPN client now requires 2 Factor Authentication through Duo. This will look and function a little differently for VPN than with our other services. Below are the different methods you can use to authenticate and how you would use each one.

Push Notification

This is the default method for authenticating with VPN. This method requires having a device already registered and using the Duo Mobile app.

  1. To use this method, simply sign on to the VPN client with your username and password.
  2. You would automatically be sent a push notification to the corresponding device (if you don't get a notification, open the app and check to see if you have a pending request).
  3. Approve your login in via the push notification and the VPN client will complete your login.

Call Me

You can have the VPN client call your default phone to complete authentication.

  1. In order to use this method you will have to enter your password followed by “,phone”.
    1. For example, if your password was “abc123” you would type “abc123,phone” in the password field.
  2. Once you approve the login via the automated phone call you receive, you will be connected to the VPN.


You can use your Duo Mobile app generated one-time-use passcodes to complete your authentication to VPN as well.

  1. In order to use this method, you will open the Duo Mobile app on your device and generate a passcode.
  2. At the VPN login screen you will enter your password followed by a comma and the code you generated.
    1. For example, if your password was “abc123” and the code that you generated via your mobile app was “888888”, you would type “abc123,888888” into the password field.
  3. This will complete your VPN login.

Texted Passcodes

You can also request a set of 10 one-time-use passcodes via text message.

  1. In order to do this at the VPN login you will enter your password with “,sms” added to the end.
    1. For example, if your password was “abc123” you would enter “abc123,sms” into the password field.
  2. This will send a text message to your Duo registered mobile phone with a list of codes.
  3. Choose one the codes to use
  4. Then follow the steps to login using a passcode.

Please note that requesting texted passcodes will invalidate any codes previously requested via text. You will need to use a code from this new set of 10 if using this method to authenticate.

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