DescriptionTechnical computing software for engineers and scientists.


MATLAB is a programming language designed for analyzing data, developing algorithms, and creating models and applications.  Swarthmore licenses the Full Suite which includes all available toolboxes and Simulink.

Installation Instructions

Swarthmore community members can install MATLAB on any college or personally-owned computer by first creating a MathWorks account and then downloading the appropriate MATLAB installer.  

Set up an MathWorks account and associate it with Swarthmore's License

Downloading MATLAB

Go to  If needed, log in with your MathWorks account information.  Select the version of MATLAB that you would like to use.  ITS recommends using the latest version unless you have a reason to use an earlier release.  

Installing MATLAB

License Expiration

Our agreement with the MathWorks allows any Swarthmore community member to install MATLAB and all available toolboxes without requiring a connection to a license manager every session. This makes it easier for faculty and students to do their work from off campus as well as eliminates any problems with running out of licenses.

MATLAB users do need to check in with MathWorks every so often to make sure their licenses are still valid. If you receive a message that your license will expire, click on the MATLAB help button (on the MATLAB toolbar) → Licensing → Activate Software and follow the instructions.  You will need to provide your MathWorks account login info in order to update the license.  

Lab Computers

For lab or classroom computers, ITS recommends using a concurrent license instead of an individual license.  The concurrent license checks in with a license manager to verify the MATLAB license and does not require that the installation is tied to a single user's MathWorks account.  License updates happen at on the license manager so no yearly verification is required, unlike individual licenses.  

To access the MATLAB license manager, the computer must be on the campus network or using VPN.

Follow the same download and installation instructions, but

Changing Licenses

To switch between license types, follow the instructions provided by the MathWorks: