Swarthmore is an institutional member of AWS Educate, a program which gives faculty and students credits for use on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Faculty receive $200 and students receive up to $100 per year.  In addition, we have access to AWS training and course materials.  

Using AWS, you can create cloud-based systems including servers and storage.

Joining AWS Educate

For students, you can either create your own AWS Account (credit card required) and apply AWS Educate credits to your account or create an AWS Educate Starter Account, which does not require a credit card, but is closed if the balance on your account reaches $0. 

For employees, we recommend creating your own AWS Account or contacting help@swarthmore.edu or your Academic Technologist to see if it would be better to set up consolidated billing though ITS.

Using your own AWS account with AWS Educate

Most AWS services are inexpensive, however It is possible to accrue large bills using AWS services.  Because you are using a credit card for this account you should make sure you understand the costs of the services you are using.

To join AWS Educate, first create an AWS Account using your Swarthmore email address (look for the create account link on the top right). This requires setting up a payment method with a credit card.  If you don't have a credit card or don't want to use a personal credit card, you can purchase a small denomination VISA gift card (or equivalent).  Then link your AWS Account to Swarthmore's AWS Educate account from the AWS Educate Application page.  Amazon may take a few days to validate your account.  

After you have been approved, Amazon will send you a confirmation email with an AWS credit code.  See below for instructions on redeeming the credit.

Using an AWS Educate Starter Account

You don't need a credit card to use a Starter Account, because free AWS Educate promotional credits are already available on the account. When you exhaust the balance on the account, the account is closed, and any running services or other resources on the account are lost.

Starter Accounts can use only some AWS services.

Apply for AWS Educate and select the "AWS Educate Starter Account" option.  Follow the information provided in the email you receive.  

Redeeming the AWS Educate Credit

To take advantage of your credit, enter the code into your AWS account and activate your AWS Educate account.  The instructions for adding the credit to your account are as follows:

  1. Visit: http://aws.amazon.com/console/.
  2. Click Sign in to the AWS Console.
  3. Enter your email address and password (enter an authentication code if you have enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your account).
  4. In the AWS Console, click on your name and then click Billing & Cost Management.
  5. In the Billing & Cost Management Dashboard, click Credits on the left.
  6. Enter the AWS credit promo code, complete the security check, and click Redeem