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Panopto is a video streaming and lecture capture system that is integrated with Swarthmore's Moodle site.  It is possible to easily record video and/or your computer screen and publish it to your Moodle course. It is also possible to embed video from Panopto using the embed icon from within Moodle's rich-text editor.


To set up Panopto for a course:

  • Go to your Moodle course page and turn editing on
  • Add the Panopto block.  Refer to the instructions for adding a block.
  • The page will refresh and the Panopto block will appear in the right hand column
  • Click on "Provision Course" within the Panopto block.  This will set up your course within Panopto. 
  • Look for a message indicating that the provisioning process succeeded.  Then click the link to return the course main page.

Your course is now set up to accept Panopto recordings.  



You will need the Panopto Recorder program to get started.  You can download the Recorder program from the Panopto block within Moodle. Download the program and install it on your computer.  Classroom computers should already have the Panopto Recorder installed, so you can skip this step if you are using an ITS computer.

Setting up the Panopto Recorder program

  • Start the program and click on "Log in" on the top right of the window
  • Make sure the server name is ""
  • Enter your Swarthmore username and password when prompted


Making a Recording

Click on the "Create New Recording" button in Panopto.  Under "Folder", select your class.  Under "Session" you can specify a name for the recording.  Then select your recording options: you can record a screen capture, video from a webcam or external camera, and audio from internal or external microphones.   Depending on your needs, you can enable or disable any of the audio/video sources.  

When you are ready, click "Start Recording".  You can pause the recording at any time.  When done, click "Stop Recording".

The resulting recording will be automatically uploaded to Panopto's servers.  It will take some time to process the recordings.  Allow a few hours for a class-length recording.  When the processing is complete, the recording will appear as a link in the Panopto block in Moodle.

Embedding the Video on a Moodle Page

By default, the recording appears within the Panopto block within Moodle.  You can also embed the video anywhere in Moodle that has a rich-text editor.  For example, you can add a new page in Moodle and embed the video there.  

To embed a video, go to a place that you can edit text and click on the Panopto icon (green circle) on the editor toolbar.  Find your video and select it to insert into the page.



Panopto Documentation

Look here for Panopto's documentation:  

Permissions Problems

In some cases, the Panopto Recorder tries to save the video in a place that you don't have permission to write a new file.  In the Panopto Recorder program, go to Preferences (on the menu bar) and make sure the Recording Folder is set to a location that you can write to. Also, if you see an invalid login message when trying to record or upload content, be sure to contact

Video Quality

In the Panopto Recorder program, go to Preferences (on the menu bar) and and you can adjust the video compress and frame rate options.



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