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DescriptionPDF editor and Suite of creative software
AccessFaculty & Staff



Adobe Creative Cloud is ONLY licensed for Faculty & Staff computers. 

Students can only use Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Creative Suite on classroom and public area computers

After November 30, 2019, Adobe discontinued our existing serialized license model and transitioned to a new Named User License (Sign-In Required). Once installed, the new app (Creative Cloud Desktop) will automatically renew licenses for Adobe CC 2017 or higher and allow users to update to the newest versions available.


For new installations, visit    Click "Sign In" at the upper right corner of the page.

Enter your Swarthmore email address (e.g., username@swarthmore.eduand click continue.    You will be redirected to the Swarthmore single sign-on page.     

Once logged in, choose "Get App" to install the Adobe app(s) you require.


Sign in to Adobe if it is already on your computer

Navigate to the Adobe Creative Cloud app to launch Creative Cloud Desktop.

Sign in using your Swarthmore email address. (e.g.,  If you are presented with an option, choose Enterprise ID (company or school account).

Creative Cloud Desktop

Creative Cloud Desktop is where users can quickly launch, install, and update Adobe apps.

Device Activation Limit

Our Creative Cloud license only allows users to activate installed apps on two devices. When you sign in to a device and Adobe detects that you have exceeded your device activation limit, you will be prompted with the message below.  To sign out of one of the other devices, click Sign out on the corresponding tile.

Device activation limit

When you are signed out of the other device, click Continue.

Activation successful

The app will then launch on this device.

Accessibility Features

Adobe Accessibility Features

DC Accessibility Checker