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I have a Mac, do I have the right version of Office to use the Accessibility Checker?

If you are using a Mac you will need to have the most recent version of Word for Mac (2016 or higher).  The previous versions for Mac do not have the Accessibility Checker. Maybe that is part of the issue.  To find out what version you have to go to the top menu, look for "Word" then "About" then within that modal look for "Version" - you want it to start with 16 e.g. 16.4.3 or "License" which should have the year of 2016 or greater.

Looks like I don't have the right version.  How do I upgrade?

It is pretty easy.  Go to the ITS home page, then "Install Software" and look for "Microsoft Office 2016".  You can also go directly to the Microsoft Office 2016 download page.  Follow the directions there and if you run into any issues with the install contact the ITS Help Desk