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<a href="" target="_blank" id="duo-enroll-btn">Enroll in Duo Two Factor Authentication<br><small>(Swarthmore login required)</small></a>


Below are a list of the different types of devices that are available for you to use as well as descriptions of each of the ways you can use those devices to authenticate with Duo. We also have step-by-step instructions on how to register each type of device listed below.

We highly suggest you have at least two devices registered with Duo to provide the most flexibility during login and to insure you will always be able to access your account when needed.



Landline/Mobile Phone (Call Me)

When you register a landline or mobile phone as an authentication device you can receive an automated call to that number to complete authentication. The message will inform you that access has been requested to your account and it will tell you which buttons to press to accept or deny that request.




Tablet w/ App (Push)

With the Duo Mobile App installed on your tablet or app enabled touch screen device (such as an iPod Touch) you can have Duo send push notifications to your device to complete authentication. Opening the push notification will open the Duo app to a screen that gives you the option to accept or decline the authentication request.



Passcode Generator

There is another hardware token option available called a passcode generator or a digipass token. This is a small device designed to carry on a keychain that generates a 6-digit one-time use passcode when you push the green button on the device. These tokens need to be registered to you by the Help Desk. While on the Duo screen during login, you can click on the "Enter a Passcode" button - even if you did not select the token from the device dropdown menu. Anywhere that offers the "Enter a Passcode" option will accept a passcode from any registered device of yours that generates a passcode, including your digipass token. Once you enter the passcode, click the "log in" button and you will be given access to your account.

NOTE:  in Duo, a "Passcode" is numerical and is NOT the same as your password