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  1. Follow the steps in the previous Getting Started section
  2. Navigate to the My Profile tab towards the top of the edit window
  3. Choose Profile Body link on the left
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the edit window and check the Make Profile Public option
  5. Click the green Save button at the bottom of the screen
  6. When a profile is made public a "Profile" link will appear automatically on the fac/staff directory pages.

Choose Make Profile PublicImage Added

Links & Affiliations

This area allows you to edit two types of links associated with your contact information & user profile:


Although every Swarthmore College faculty and staff member can update their own profile, some department may identify an individual responsible for maintaining the entire site, including the profiles of each faculty and staff member. For instructions see Editing the Profiles & Contact Information of Others.

Updating Your Own Profile

Making a change to your own profile is very easy. Log in to backend of the website and look for your name in the far right of the top (black) bar.  As soon as you click on your name, you are brought to your profile page. 

Access your profile by clicking on your nameImage Added

There you will find several horizontal and vertical table which allow you to edit essential contact information, as well add photos and more in depth information which is used to "feed" a department faculty/staff listing.

To make a change, simply choose the "Edit" tab 

Choose the edit tabImage Added

And then proceed from there by clicking on any these tabs to make changes

Image Added


Faculty Staff Listing Image

For the image which appears on Faculty Staff pages go to the "Faculty Staff Listing" tab.  You'll see the current available image.  If you want to change it out just "Remove" and upload the new one.  Make sure you add your alt text (e.g. your name) If you want the image to appear make sure "Display Directory Image" is checked (it is unchecked by default). The checkbox is located above the image.

Profile Page Image

Go to the "My Profile" tab and the first option there is the "Profile Photo". You'll see the current available image.  If you want to change it out just "Remove" and upload the new one. Make sure you add your alt text.