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What is Panopto?

Panopto is our user friendly cloud based video streaming and lecture capture software system that makes it easy to stream, record, edit, and share videos. Panopto can capture your screen, audio, and/or video from web-cams and other devices to record live lectures, student or guest presentations, demonstrations, and/or supplemental materials. You can also upload any previously created video to Panopto to be shared via link or embedded into any web page, including Moodle.

The Panopto software is installed on all the classroom computers on campus. You can also download it to your own computer.

titlePanopto with Moodle

Using Panopto with Moodle

Panopto can be integrated with Moodle so that your videos can automatically upload to your course and be viewed by your students. Instructions for adding Panopto into your Moodle course can be found in our Moodle documentation.

Why use Panopto?

Our new Panopto video platform can be used to:

  • Record your lectures so that students can view them later

  • Record supplemental material to be viewed before class

  • Record student presentations or rehearsalsRecord guest lecturers  

  • Upload and embed videos into your Moodle page  

What can I record with Panopto?

PowerPoint/ Keynote Slides

Panopto can record your PowerPoint/keynote for viewers to later search by keywords that are timestamped to find any text in your slide. Click or search for any text in a PowerPoint/keynote and you will be taken to the point in the recording where it’s mentioned.


Most classroom computers have a built-in camera and microphone. For better audio/video quality you can use an external USB microphone and USB web-cam. Contact Media Services at 610-957-6201 or email to check out these items for loan.

Computer Screen

Panopto can record what shows on your computer screen. This is useful for showing material from a web-browser or other software outside of PowerPoint/Keynote ie: Google Slides, Prezi.

Other Panopto features include:

  • Pre-schedule your video recordings ahead of time using Remote Recorder (contact Media Services for setup at

  • Upload previously recorded video to your video libraryTake notes in a Panopto recordingfolder to share via link or embed in webpage 

  • Auto-caption or send us a caption request for your videos

  • Video analytics

  • Quizes

Panopto Ready Rooms

Built in ceiling microphones connect to your computer via USB

SC L26 , SC L32, SC 102, SC 104, SC 105, SC 128, SC 158, SC 181, SC 183 


Beardsley 318, Beardsley 316

Lang Center KeithRoom

Need more help? Here is a video showing what you need before you get started with Panopto.

If you have any questions, contact Media Services at 610-957-6201 or email 


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