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Panopto is a lecture capture system that is integrated with Swarthmore's Moodle site.  It is possible to easily record video and/or your computer screen and publish it to your Moodle course.   

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To set up Panopto for a course:


The resulting recording will be automatically uploaded to Panopto's servers.  It will take some time to process the recordings.  Allow a few hours for a class-length recording.  When the processing is complete, the recording will appear as a link in the Panopto block in Moodle.


Embedding the Video on a Moodle Page

By default, the recording appears within the Panopto block within Moodle.  You can embed the video anywhere in Moodle that has a rich-text editor.  For example, you can adda  new page in Moodle and embed the video there.