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Can I print passport photos?

Nope. Try No - please go to CVS.  They can both print and take passport photos for you.

Why aren’t my 30 copies printing? (Where did my print job go?)

You are limited to one or two copies only. If you need more than two, you should head over to Office Print Services, where color documents can be printed for a fee (departmental chargebacks are available) It’s about 40 cents per page for 8.5x11 color copies. Print Services is located across from the Matchbox.

What is the release station?

It is the Mac computer next to the large format printer.  It allows us to make sure you’re really here before your job is printed, and gives you an opportunity to make sure everything is ready for your printout (the right paper and ink are loaded, etc.)

Can I make copies here?

NopeNo, that function has been disabled from the Canon printer.  You can use it as a sheet-feed scanner, however, and have the scans e-mailed to you.