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  • How do I email students in the course?

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You can email an entire class or selected students using the "Quickmail" feature. Look for the Quickmail block on the right column of your course. Click on "Compose EmailCourse Message" and select the recipients. There is a button to email "Add All in course" or you can select individuas individual, specific roles, or groups to email. Compose your email and click on the "Send EMailMessage" button at the bottom of the screen. QuickMail

Advanced Use

  • It is possible to add additional non-course users with the "Additional Emails" field.
  • Emails can be scheduled using the "Send at" option near the bottom of the page
  • The user data fields allow message personalization.  For example, entering "Dear [:firstname:]" will insert each recipient's first name into the message.  

Other Quickmail Information

Quickmail keeps a history of all sent messages which is available under the "Compose EmailView Sent Messages" link on the Quickmail block on the course page.

By default, Quickmail is not available to students.  If you would like students in your course or organization to be able to use Quickmail, send a request to and the settings will be adjusted.