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Due Dates

If all groups have the same deadline, set the due date as normal.  If different groups have different deadlines (e.g. for lab groups meeting on different days) it is possible to set up different due dates for different groups.  Click on the assignment and then on the Edit (gear) icon → Group Overrides.  Set the due dates for each group as needed.  

Alternatively, it is possible to disable the due date for the assignment and rely on Moodle's assignment grading interface to show when the students submitted their work.  The "View all submissions" screen shows the dates for student submissions and can be used to ensure that the assignment was turned in on time.

How it works

Students will submit files to the assignment as usual, but when one group member submits a file, it will show up under all the group members' submissions.  Grading one group member will send the grade to all group members.