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  • Creating a link between Moodle and WeBWorK

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  • Ask a colleague who is a WeBWorK administrator or submit a Help Desk ticket ( to set you up with a WeBWorK course.  Provide the name and number of the course you want to configure.
  • Log into your course at with your Swarthmore username and password
  • Instructions for Copying a WeBWorK Course from one semester to another

Differences between logging into WeBWorK directly and via Moodle


If you (as the professor) want to log into WeBWorK via Moodle, you need to first manually create a WeBWorK account using your Swarthmore email as the login name and permission of level of professor.  Once this account is created, you will be able to log into WebWorK via Moodle.  You may want to have two accounts for yourself: one with your username and with with your email so that you can log on both ways.


Setting up a single link between Moodle and WeBWorK



When a student clicks on the link to WeBWorK for the first time, their WeBWorK account is automatically created. However, Moodle does not send the entire class roster to WeBWorK, so if a student never clicks on the WeBWorK link, they will not have a WeBWorK account.


Setting up individual homework links between Moodle and WeBWorK


WeBWorK LTI - Authentication

WeBWorK LTI - Grading