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DepartmentSociology and Anthropology
LocationKohlberg 232
Queue Namesoc-kohlberg232-color
Printer ModelCanon iR-ADV C5535/5540 PS

Connecting from Windows

  1. Click your Start button.

  2. In the Search box Type \\swat-print in the search box and press Enter. If prompted for credentials, enter GARNET\username in the username field, and your password.
  3. Find the printer queue name from the table above.
  4. Double-click on the printer (it will install automatically)

 Connecting from macOS

Before you Begin: Canon drivers are already on College-provided computers. If this is a personal computer, download and install the Mac Printer Drivers first. Download Mac Printer Driver Run the PS_v4.15.0_Mac.dmg installer. This installer may warn that it cannot open because it is from an unidentified publisher.  You can launch the installer by control-clicking on the file and choosing "open".  

  1. Open System Preferences, select Printing & Scanning, and click the lock in the lower left corner to make changes.
  2. Select the + (plus sign) to add a printer
  3. Click the IP tab
  4. In the Address field, type swat-print
  5. For Protocol, choose Line Printer Daemon - LPD
  6. In the Queue field, enter the printer queue name from the table above.
  7. Under Name, copy and paste name from Queue field.
  8. Under Use, select the option for Select Printer Software..., and search for the printer model from the table above.
  9. Click Add. After you click Add, the Printer list window will reappear with the selected printer added to the list of printers.