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WASE to be discontinued

PLEASE NOTE: WASE is being discontinued at the end of this Fall 2023 Semester. Please consider alternatives, such as Google Appointment Schedules.

The WASE Office Hours Scheduler system allows anyone with a Swarthmore account to create a calendar, set up blocks of time, and allow users to sign up appointments within each block.  It is handy for advising, everyday office hours, or even scheduling interview sessions.  It can also be used as a group calendar.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Anyone with a Swarthmore account can log into the scheduler using their Swarthmore username and password. 

  1. Go to and login.
  2. Click on Calendars.
  3. You can create a calendar by clicking the + New Calendar tab to the upper right of the screen.
    1. If you already have a calendar created, you will not see this option.
  4. You can now add blocks of time that you will be available using the + Add Block link on the right next to Calendar Settings.
    1. You can add single blocks or recurring times. There are many other options for things like the appointment slot size, email reminders, and deadlines. 
  5. Once your calendar is setup, you can share the Direct URL for your Calendar with others to schedule appointments. This link can be found in Calendar Settings > Direct URL for Calendar.

Contact ITS ( for more information and help.  

Linking to WASE from Moodle

It may be handy to include a link to your WASE calendar in your Moodle courses.

  1. Copy the Direct URL for Calendar (This can be found in the Getting Started steps).
  2. In your Moodle course, click on Add an Activity or Resource
  3. Click on URL and paste the your copied calendar link.

Subscribing to WASE from External Calendars

It is possible to subscribe to your WASE calendar from your Google Calendar (or the calendaring program). To do this:

  1. In WASE, go to the Calendar Settings
  2. Turn on Publish Calendar (iCal/RSS)
  3. Copy the Subscription URL (for Owners and Managers).  
  4. Add a new remote calendar in your main calendaring program and use the URL you copied as the source.

Importing into Google Calendar

  1. Follow the instructions above to copy the Subscription URL 
  2. Go to your Google Calendar
  3. Click the ⚙️ (cog icon) > Settings
  4. Click on Add Calendar > From URL
  5. Paste in the Subscription URL and click Add Calendar

The WASE calendar will now show up in your calendar list.

Synchronize appointments with Google Calendar (rather than create a new calendar in Google)

WASE can sync appointments and blocks into your Google or other calendar. To do this:

  1. Click on the Preferences tab in WASE (Orange bar near the top of the page).
  2. Preferences page will open, either in a separate browser tab or window.
  3. Click on the down-arrow in the Local Calendar for Sync box.
    1. Select Google Calendar to sync appointments and blocks into your Google calendar. (See Google Calendar Sync note below!)
    2. Select iCal to sync appointments and blocks into your local (iPhone/Android) calendar.
    3. Select None if you do not want your appointments and blocks synced into your local calendar.
  4. Further instructions will be displayed on how to complete the synchronization setup.

Google Calendar Sync

NOTE: When you set up Google Calendar Sync, you will need to allow WASE permission. First you will be asked to choose an account to sync, for which you should choose your Swarthmore College account. Then you will be asked to grant the WASE - Web Appointment Scheduling Engine permission to view and edit events on all your calendars, which you should allow, and then you'll be asked to confirm your choices on the following screen. Now you're all set to synchronize your Office Hours Scheduler items with your Swarthmore Google Calendar!

Linking WASE with Zoom

To link your WASE calendar to Zoom, follow this link for details.


Login Problems

The most common source of problems are students using the Guest login instead of using their Swarthmore log in.  If someone from the Swarthmore community can't make an appointment with you, check to make sure they are clicking the main "Log In" button and not using the "Guest Log in".