Record supplemental videos, course lectures, guest speakers, student presentations, and more with Panopto


In order to use Panopto with Moodle you have to first add the Panopto Block. Once you have added the Panopto Block to your Moodle course, you are now ready to create new recordings. If you need further help with adding the Panopto Block to your Moodle course please search for Panopto under our Moodle Documentation or email for assistance.

Set up Panopto Block in Moodle

To set up Panopto for a course:

  • Go to your Moodle course page and turn editing on
  • Add the Panopto block.  Refer to the instructions for adding a block.
  • The page will refresh and the Panopto block will appear in the right hand column
  • Click on "Provision Course" within the Panopto block.  This will set up your course within Panopto. 
  • Look for a message indicating that the provisioning process succeeded.  Then click the link to return the course main page.

Your course is now set up to accept Panopto recordings.  

Go to panopto.swarthmore.eduYou will then be asked to sign in using your Swarthmore ID.

Once you’ve signed in, click on the green button at the top of the screen that says Create > select > Record New Session

If you do not yet have the Panopto Recorder on your computer, you can download it and install it. Panopto is already installed on all classroom and public computer images.

Once you have the Recorder on your computer, click the Launch Panopto button.


You should now see the Panopto Recorder. The top of the recorder should state that it is recording to a folder with the name of your course. The illustration below shows the Panopto Recorder for the Macintosh–the Recorder used on the classroom computers. The Panopto Recorder for Windows looks a bit different but has the same options.

Configure the Recorder with your desired settings

Step 1. Confirm you are recording into the correct course folder.

Panopto should default to your selected Moodle course but it is always good to double-check. You can access other courses available to you through the Folder drop down menu.  

Step 2. Name your recording

Panopto automatically makes the default name the date and time of the session. For searches, the default session name is best. For classes, it is helpful add a topic description to the date and time default name.  

Step 3. Select your Primary Sources

Make sure you select the correct audio source; Panopto requires audio. If you want to record video, select the correct video source from the drop down menu. Different classrooms have different audio and video options. We also have web cameras available for check out. Contact Classroom and Conferencing Technologies at if you have questions about the options in your classroom. 

Step 4. Select the appropriate option for slides

 If you are you using either Powerpoint or Keynote make sure either the PowerPoint or Keynote box is checked.

Step 5. Select the Screen Recording Option

If you are using other software applications in addition to PowerPoint or Keynote in your presentation such as Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, web pages, Prezi, recording your computer screen may be a good option. By default, your built-in computer screen is selected. If you do not want to include anything from your screen, beyond PowerPoint or Keynote, change the source option to None.

Step 6. Press Record

Once you have set the Panopto Recorder options as desired, click the red Record button to record.

Need more help? Here is a video showing how to use Panopto to record a presentation.