DescriptionData graphing software


LocationPublic Areas, Media Center, Language Center, McCabe 306, Singer 222


KaleidaGraph is a graphing program made by Synergy Software.   It is available to students on all campus public computers.

Installation Instructions

Faculty and staff can install KaleidaGraph on College-owned computers.    To install, download the appropriate file below, unzip, and run the installer.

 KeyAccess is required to use this software. Users must be on-campus or connected to VPN when off campus.


KaleidaGraph 5.0.1 for Mac

KaleidaGraph 4.5.4 for Windows

If you encounter a license error:

  1. Download KaleidaGraph License Files for Windows
  2. Close KaleidaGraph
  3. Unzip KaleidaGraph_Licenses(win).zip
  4. Copy the KG45License and KGraph.rsr Files to C:\Program Files (x86)\KaleidaGraph 4.5