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ITS is piloting a new initiative called Domain of One’s Own, sometimes referred to as DoOO. This new service allows faculty, and students working with faculty on academic projects for class, research, or e-portfolios to claim a free domain name (web address) and start building their own unique website. You can use such apps as WordPress, Omeka, and Scalar to create your own website. There are 3 areas our Domain of one’s Own initiative will focus on: 

    • Master the tools and technology that make up the web to build your own space online.
    • Explore the notion of digital identity and how publishing on the web can frame an identity.
    • Learn to take ownership and control over the content you put on the web instead of handing it to third-party publishers.

Faculty are encouraged to create a domain both for their own professional use and for the use of public course projects. Domains are not a replacement for Moodle but are rather intended to create space for faculty to:

  • Collaborate with students on a digital course and/or research projects 
  • Develop data visualization projects or blogs
  • Showcase your own research and teaching activities 
  • Curate your professional online presence
  • Have your students develop e-portfolios
  • Design a landing page for your academic conference or event

Getting Started

Use the navigation links below to get set up with your own domain.