DescriptionCanon Printer Drivers

Windows Installation Instructions

  1. Click on the Windows menu.  Type \\swat-print in the search box and press Enter. If prompted for credentials, enter GARNET\username in the username field, and your password.
  2. Find the printer you're looking for.
    • For ease of use, the printer naming convention is "department-building and room number", example "its-beardsley110"
    • If you do not know, or cannot determine, the name of the printer, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.
  3. Double-click on the printer (it will install automatically)

Mac Installation Instructions

Canon drivers are already on College-provided computers. If this is a personal computer, download and install the Mac Printer Drivers first. Download Mac Printer Drivers Run the installer. This installer may warn that it cannot open because it is from an unidentified publisher.  You can launch the installer by control-clicking on the file and choosing "open".  

A resource listing all networked printers with connection instructions can be found here:  Printing Home