DescriptionOnline tool to create and share scientific drawings

Faculty & Students




BioRender is an online tool used to create and share scientific figures for journal articles, scientific posters, presentations, class slides, grant applications, and brainstorming.  

Example figure generated with BioRender

Example figure generated with BioRender 


Any Swarthmore faculty member or student can create an account on the BioRender site using the Swarthmore-specific portal:  You must use your Swarthmore email address to sign up and create a password. 

We have unlimited student use.  The number of faculty licenses is limited to a set amount per year.

Faculty have access to the Premium account features, including the rights to publish to a journal.  Student accounts have all the features except the rights to publish to a journal.  In most cases, it is best for a professor to create an account that owns the figures and collaborate with student researchers.  


BioRender tutorials