Description Creative Cloud desktop applications


Students can access the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications through a browser using the AppStream service.  


Save all files to Google Drive.  Files saved locally in AppStream will be deleted when you log out.  Visit the AppStream help page for instructions on setting up a connection to Google Drive.

  1. Visit the Swarthmore Adobe CC AppStream page
  2. Log in with your Swarthmore credentials
  3. Select the "AppStream-Public_GPU_Stack_2020_07_24" role
  4. After connecting, select an Adobe application and wait about 2 minutes while "your session is being prepared"
  5. Choose "Continue with Google" to sign in to the Adobe application (image below)
  6. Enter your Swarthmore email address and click "Continue"
  7. Enter your Swarthmore credentials at the Swarthmore login window


See the AppStream page for troubleshooting tips.