Your "Duo Security Key" is the USB key that uses physical touch for authentication - YubiKey is one brand currently provided by ITS. Originally, any Security Key you registered could only be used in the Chrome browser, but Duo has added an option to update the registration of your Security Key to allow it to be used on additional browsers.

Compatible Browsers

Browsers currently compatible with an updated Security Key: Chrome 70 and later, Edge 79 and later, or Firefox 60 and later on macOS and Windows, and Safari 13 and later on macOS

How to Update Your Security Key

The next time you log in and choose to use your Security Key you may receive a prompt titled "Let's Update Your Security Key"

  1. To update click Continue.
  2. This will open a new window where you will be prompted to interact with your Security Key.
  3. For college provided YubiKeys, make sure it is plugged into a USB port you can reach and tap the blinking key symbol.

If you previously chose "Skip this update" on the prompt, it will ask you again the next time you log in with a Security Key. Also, even if you skip the update you will still be able to continue to use your Security Key as expected in the Chrome web browser.

For more information, you can check out the Duo official documentation.

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