Important information

  • Duo sends you passcodes in sets of 10
  • You can only have a maximum of 10 SMS texted passcodes active at a time
  • If you already have active passcodes, then send yourself a new set of 10, only the new set of 10 will be active
    • Any unused codes from a previous set will be invalid
  • Your active codes do not expire until you use them to authenticate with Duo

How to send them

  1. Start in a private/incognito window or a different browser than you normally use to login
  2. Once on the Duo Authentication screen, STOP.
  3. Make sure the device listed at the top of the Duo window is one that can accept SMS text messages - if it can't, select one that can.
  4. Choose the Enter a Passcode option
  5. A blue bar will appear at the bottom of the Duo window - Click the Text me new codes button
  6. You will receive a message on the device listed at the top of the Duo window containing 10 passcodes
  7. Save these passcodes somewhere other than your phone that does NOT require login with your Swarthmore credentials; such as saving them to a private email account, writing them down and storing them in your wallet, saving them in a note app that syncs to the cloud, etc.

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