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Moodle forums are discussion boards in which students and faculty can post topics and replies.   An overview of the Moodle forum activity is available from the Moodle documentation site:

Forum settings

Create a Moodle forum by turning editing on and adding the "Forum" activity.  There are several settings to be aware of.  The following sections cover the most important settings.

Forum Type

There are a variety of forum types.  Clicking on the help button next to the "Forum type" setting shows a brief overview of each.


Subscribing to a forum means that you will receive an email every time there is a new post to the forum.  Instructors can change the default behavior of subscriptions to a variety of settings.  From the Moodle documentation:

Moodle Forum Subscriptions

There are 4 subscription mode options:

  • Optional subscription - Participants can choose whether to be subscribed
  • Forced subscription - Everyone is subscribed and cannot unsubscribe
  • Auto subscription - Everyone is subscribed initially but can choose to unsubscribe at any time
  • Subscription disabled - Subscriptions are not allowed

To see who is subscribed to the forum, enter the forum and click Gear Icon (top right of page)  → Show/edit current subscribers.

Grade and Ratings

It is possible to generate a grade for each student based on their participation in the forum.  The grades can are derived from a rating for the student's posts and can be calculated in a variety of ways (ask your Academic Technologist for more details).


The Announcements forum is a special forum used for class news. Only instructors can post to this forum and everyone is forced to subscribe to this forum.

To remove the Announcements forum from the front page, see Deleting the Announcements Forum

In previous versions of Moodle the Announcements forum was named "News Forum." The function is the same but the name was updated to provide a clearer indication of its purpose.