If you have a Moodle backup file from another institution or your textbook publisher provides a Moodle course pack, it is possible to import the contents into your course.  

This process has the potential to delete existing content in your course if you select the incorrect options. You may want to back up your course before following the process below: Export or backup a course from Moodle

Import Process

  • Navigate to the course you would like to import the content into
  • Click on Gear Icon (top right of page)  → Restore
  • Upload the Moodle backup file (.mbz file format)
  • Click "Restore"
  • Review content to be imported and click on Continue (bottom of the page)
  • Under "Restore into this course" select your preference and click on Continue (in the "Restore into this Course" area).  Note that you will delete existing content in your course if you select "Delete the contents of this course and then restore".
  • Under "Restore Settings", uncheck "Include enrolled users" and any other items you do not need.  If you aren't sure, just uncheck "Include enrolled users".  Click Next.
  • Under "Course Settings", uncheck any content you don't want to import then click Next
  • Click "Perform restore"


Other Notes

If you see "Orphaned Content" or you don't see all your topics, you may need to increase the number of topics shown.  This can be modified in the "Course Settings" area.