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  • Ideas for keeping large Moodle courses organized
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Courses with lots of material in them can be afflicted with "Moodle sprawl," whereby a course ends up being 20 pages long.  This makes it hard for faculty to edit and for students to find what they need.  Here are some ideas to reduce the length of a Moodle course:


If there are lots of files in your course, instead of linking to each one of them separately you can put them in a folder, which only takes up a single line in the main Moodle page, but can contain many files.  It is also possible to have subfolders.  The folder can be inline in the main Moodle page or open in a new page.

Folders can only contain files (not activities, such as online assignments or quizzes) and the order of the files is always alphabetical.

One section per page

You can leave your course as is, but only show one topic/week at a time. You can change this on Gear Icon (top right of page) → Edit Settings → Course Format → Course layout setting.  Setting this to One Section Per Page will simplify the view of the course.

If you elect to use this method you may want to explain how to navigate the course to your students. You can always get back to the main course view by clicking on the course title in the navigation listing just above the topmost section of the course.

Hidden Sections

Another approach, which is more of a workaround, is to put your activities in a hidden topic/week and link to the activity from a page within Moodle.  Make a hidden topic, move the quizzes/activities to the topic (making sure that the activity itself is visible). Then create a page in Moodle and copy the URL from the activity and paste in the page. Because the activity itself is visible, students can follow a link there, but because the topic is hidden they don't see all the clutter.

This works fine, but is a bit hacky, and requires you to redo all the link each semester (since the URL's of the activities change). In addition, your view is still the same.