In some classes, it may be desirable to hide the list of participants from students.  For example, student graders appear in the course participants listing.  Some faculty prefer to keep the names of graders hidden from students.  It is possible to remove the permission to view the participants listing from the student roles.


  • Click on Participants (left menu) → Gear icon (top right) → Permissions
  • In the Filter textbox enter the words "View participants".  A single row of permissions should be displayed.  
  • Click on the trashcan next to all  the student roles to remove the ability to see the participants listing.  Student roles include: Auditor, Student, and Registered Student.

You can verify that the Participants list is hidden from students by click on your name (top right) and selecting "Switch role to...".  Select a student role and verify that the Participants link is gone.  Click on your name and select "Return to my normal role" to exit the student view.  

Changing Moodle permissions can cause unintended consequences. Make sure you are changing the proper permissions. Please get in touch with your Academic Technologist if you have any questions.