The Announcements Forum in Moodle is used to post class news and announcements and is added to all new courses automatically. If you prefer not use the Announcements Forum and want to get rid of it, you'll find that deleting from the front page appears to work, but the Forum will reappear when you refresh the page.  

In previous versions of Moodle the Announcements forum was named "News Forum." The function is the same but the name was updated to provide a clearer indication of its purpose.


To get rid of the Announcements Forum:

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Click the edit button beside the Announcements Forum and choose Delete.
  3. Edit course settings.
  4. Find the Appearance section. Expand the Appearance menu items.
  5. Set Number of announcements to 0.
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click the blue Save Changes button.


Multiple Copies of the Announcement or News Forums

If you import material from a previous semester's course, you may end up with multiple copies of Announcement and/or News forums.  One of them will be the automatically-created forum from the current class.  Follow the instructions above to remove it.  You can simply delete the others.  


Getting the Announcements Forum Back

If you have Announcement-Forum-removers remorse, you can get the forum back by setting the "Number of announcements" to a non-zero value.