Set up a questionnaire as a template for other instructors and courses

It is possible to copy a questionnaire from another course or previous semester by setting up the original questionnaire as a "template."   To create a questionnaire template, go to the original course, click on the title of the questionnaire, then click on Gear Icon (top right of the page) → Advanced Settings, and set the “Questionnaire Type” to “Template” or "Public". After making changes, scroll down to select Save and return to course or Save and display.

Once your questionnaire is set to be a "Template" any other instructor at Swarthmore can use it as a template and edit it for their new courses. Questionnaires that are set to "Public" can be used by any other instructor at Swarthmore but cannot be edited once used in a new course.

After you've created the questionnaire template, The other instructors will be able to go to their courses, add a new questionnaire, and select the original questionnaire template from the Content Options → Use template section.

If you only want to copy questionnaires for your own courses, we suggest that you switch the original questionnaire back to "private" after you have copied it to your new course. This also helps to keep the list of survey templates from growing too long.