Course settings allow you to set general preferences for your Moodle course.  The default settings are fine for most courses.  You'll use this primarily to select the course format and to make the course visible to participants.  Every Moodle course is organized into sections of information in the center of the page and blocks on the left and right columns.  The top section is a header area. 

Section Titles, Topics, and Weeks

By default, there are 14 sections labeled "Topic 1", "Topic 2", etc.  You can change the name of the section and add descriptive text by turning editing mode on and clicking on the gear icon below the section title.  Uncheck the box labeled "Use default section name" and then type your own section name in the text box.  You can also add descriptive text and images in the Summary box. 

If your course is organized by weeks, it is possible to label each section with date by going to Gear Icon (top right of page) → Edit settings → Course format and switching "Format" from Topics format to Weekly format.

To add more sections (whether topics or weeks) showing in the course, click the "Turn Editing On" button (top right). Then scroll down to the very last section and click where it says "Add More Topics." To see step by step instructions go to Adding More Section Topics or Weeks in Moodle.