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  • Copying a WeBWorK Course
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To copy homework sets from one WeBWorK course to another, follow the procedure below.

  1. Go to the WeBWorK course with the content you want to copy from
  2. Click on Homework Sets Editor
  3. Select "Export" and pick the sets you want to export (or select all) and click "Take Action!".  The export function creates "set definition files" for each assignment.  These .def files have a filename generated from the name of the homework set and contain the assignment name, dates, and problems. The files are saved in the templates directory of the course. 
  4. Go to the File Manager
  5. Select all the .def files you want to copy (make sure you are in the templates folder)
  6. Select "Make archive" and a  .tgz file will be created.  This is an archive (like a zip file) containing all the def files.
  7. Download the .tgz file to your computer by selecting the .tgz file and clicking the "Download" button
  8. Go to the new course → File Manager
  9. Upload the .tgz file.  Click "Choose file" → select the .tgz file → Click Upload.  The .def files are now in your new course
  10. Go to "Homework Sets Editor" → Import → Multiple Sets → Select the .def files → Assign students as needed → Click "Take Action"
  11. Edit the assignment due dates and homework sets as needed

Optional Clean up Step

If copied several times, your course may end up with lots of .def files in the templates directory.  If you have already imported the homework sets, you can delete the extraneous .def files using the functions in the File Manager