Gradescope is an service to make it easier to grade student work.  It is possible to connect Gradescope to Moodle in order to sync class rosters.  After making the connection, students can log into Gradescope via Moodle or directly on the Gradescope website.  See below for the basic setup instructions to link Gradescope and Moodle.  The Gradescope website has more detailed instructions: Using Gradescope with Moodle as an Instructor

On the Gradescope website, follow instructions for LTI 1.0 + API (not LTI 1.3)

Set up the Gradescope activity in Moodle

  1. Go to your Moodle class page and click the "Turn Editing On" button (top right)
  2. Click "Add and activity or resource"
  3. Select Gradescope
  4. Give the activity a name (e.g. "Gradescope")
  5. Moodle gradebook settings
    1. If you don't want a Moodle gradebook entry for Gradescope, go to the Privacy section and uncheck "Accept grades from the tool"
    2. If you do want a Moodle gradebook entry for all Gradescope assignments, go to the Grade section and set up your grading preferences
  6. Go to the bottom of the page and click "Save and return to course"

Sync Gradescope with Moodle class roster

  1. Click on the Gradescope activity in your Moodle course to go to your Gradescope course site.
  2. On the Gradescope left side menu, click "Roster"
  3. At the bottom of the page, click "Sync Moodle Roster"

    By default, Gradescope will send an email to all students added to the course.  You may want to uncheck this option.  

The roster does not update automatically.  Use the above process to re-sync the roster if students have added or dropped the course.  

The "Add Students or Staff" button can be used to manually add users to Gradescope

Linking Gradescope Grades to Moodle

After setting up the Gradescope link, to import Gradescope grades to Moodle, set up the main Gradescope activity to not accept grades, then create individual activities for each Gradescope assignment or exam you wish to link.  Set the grade points and category.  In Gradescope, link your assignment to this Moodle assignment.

The Moodle assignment needs to be available to students, but does not need to be shown on the main course page.  iI you don't want students to see the Moodle assignment activity on the course page, adjust the individual Gradescope activity settings → Common module Settings → Availability and select "Make available but not shown on course page" 

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