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It is possible to display additional information about your course on the right hand column.  These boxes are called "blocks."  

If you are missing an block, it may be removed.  It is easy to add the block again.

Adding Blocks

If you would like to add a block to your Moodle course, make sure you are in editing mode and find the "Add a block" box at the bottom of the left menu.  If the left menu isn't visible, click on the button on the top left of the page.  From here, select the block you would like to add and it will appear on your page.  If you can't find the block you have just removed, try refreshing the page first.

Removing Blocks

It is possible to remove a block from the main Moodle course page by turning editing on, clicking on the gear icon in the block, then selecting delete.

Moving Blocks

In editing mode, it is possible to adjust the order of the blocks. Click on the four-way arrow icon and drag the block to the desired position.