Sometimes you need to share an image with your students. Here's how to add an image to the content of your Moodle course.

Key points

  • Make sure that you have permission to use any images you add to your Moodle course. This means they must be creative commons, public domain or you have made the image yourself.
  • It’s useful to get the correct size image for your course before you upload it.
  • For accessibility reasons, please give your image a meaningful description.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Turn Edit mode on
  2. Decide where you want the image to be, and prepare the image by adjusting its size, before you drag it in.
  3. Drag the image from your desktop into the location in Moodle where you want it to be
  4. A pop-up will appear asking what you want to do with file (image) you just dragged in. You can choose Add media to course page (recommended) or Create file resource
    1. If you choose Add image to course page then you'll effectively be importing the image as a "Text and Media Area" in Moodle.
  5. The image should now show up at the bottom of the Moodle section you added it to.
  6. Click the ... button to the right of the image, and choose Edit Settings for the image.
  7. Click on the Image, then on the image icon in the editor toolbar to add a text description to your image and resize the image (if needed)
  8. Click Save image to finish.

You can also do a more traditional file upload process to add an image to Moodle, and you can add an image as a file resource as well, which may be handy if you need students to have a full resolution version they can download.

More information

For more information on adding images, Moodle help page on Images.