Piazza is a free service that provides Question and Answer forums for college classes.  It is possible to go to piazza.com, set up an account, create a class, and invite students to join the class without using Moodle.  In some cases, it may be simpler to set up a link to Piazza in Moodle because the course and student access are configured automatically.

Instructions for setting up a Piazza link in Moodle

  1. Turn editing on for your course
  2. Click the Add an activity or resource link
  3. Select the External Tool activity and click Add
  4. You will now see an options screen for the External Tool activity
  5. Give your new activity a name (e.g. "Piazza")
  6. In the next field, "External tool type", choose "Piazza"
  7. Scroll to the bottom and click the button marked Save and return to course
  8. You should now see your new activity link in your course
  9. Click on the new activity link to create your Piazza course. You will automatically be added as instructor
  10. All enrolled participants can click on this activity link to access the Piazza site


Students will go to the Moodle course and click on the link to Piazza to create a Piazza account (if they don't have one already) and link their account to your Piazza course.  Once their account is linked, they can access Piazza via the link in Moodle or log into Piazza directly.

Piazza is a free site that makes money by selling student data collected on their site. You may wish to discuss this with students and inform them how to opt-out of data collection.